6 Tips for Making Interesting and Effective Curriculum Vitae

This Tips posted on 28 January 2019 - 09 : 28

Right now, it feels quite easy to apply for a job. If in the past we had to subscribe to newspapers or diligently call the target companies, now there are many job site updates and trusted to become information material.

In the past, it seemed when sending a CV and job application must have capital, because it must be printed with good quality paper and attractive color printing. Now? No need to bother anymore, you can rely on digital CV designed using Photoshop or as simple as using Microsoft Word to collect or inform your personal data that can be sent directly to various job openings on the internet.

Well, if in the past, one of the characteristics of an attractive and effective CV was printed using interesting and unique media, not only on white HVS paper, but also with various DIY or handmade envelopes that attracted the attention of HRD to open your CV among the piles of other applicants. Then, what about digital CVs that are only sent with internet network support via email? What are the interesting and effective tips and characteristics of curriculum vitae to attract HRD days? Come see the following tips!
Enter skills that match the jobdesc

Creating a digital CV is fairly easy, especially when you have minimal design skills. Now, to make an attractive and efficient curriculum vitae, it’s good to make a few to send to relevant companies and vacancies. Try to include the main skills that match the job description displayed on the internet. After you have included the various appropriate skills, then you begin to include some other skills that are roughly relevant to the job opening. That way it will make it easier for the HRD when screening the CV of incoming job applicants. Of course, the skills that match the jobdesc that have been included will be very beneficial for you and have the potential to get an interview call.
Avoid writing too much

Compared to include all the jobdesc in your old company in detail and also complete, it’s better to just list the important points. For this one thing, you can take an example from jobdesc jobs in your previous company, or you can also take jobdesc on the job site that is relevant to what you have done in the company where you work or where you have worked. With more concise but clear information, this will make your CV look more neat and clean, and make it easier for HRD to screen your CV and get points that can be taken from your excellence.

In addition, if you are proficient enough in the field of design, instead of revealing all job descriptions using writing, you can illustrate it through pictures. This will definitely be more interesting for HRD days. Alternatively, you can provide an example link to your portfolio or work that has been uploaded to the internet. That way, surely your CV is more impressive.
Know the important limits

Including your educational experience is important. However, if you have graduated from university, it seems no longer necessary to include where your school is at elementary, middle, or even high school. Just list the university and department you took then. In addition, if you have been in the professional world for quite a long time, it doesn’t seem necessary to include all of your work experience from the first time you entered the workforce. If you already have more than 4-5 companies experience, it feels enough to list 4-5 companies or recent work experience, no need to include your internship experience while studying first. Alternatively, you can only choose a number of clients, companies, positions or the best workplace you have ever done compared to having to list everything. In addition to making your curriculum vitae look full, it will actually make HRD lazy to read in its entirety.
Choose an easy-to-read font

Downloading various interesting fonts is fun, but also needs to be considered. If it is used to make a CV, it is better to use clear, easy-to-read fonts. An attractive but hard-to-read font will definitely complicate HRD when screening your CV. What exists is actually self-harm. Arial, Times New Roman, Roboto, Proxima Nova are some of the most recommended and popular examples of fonts to be used as fonts in CV. Various font types

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