Ways to Make Interesting Curriculum Vitae

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CV Quality Determines HR Interest

In finding a job, of course, several things need to be prepared, including a job application letter which of course must be attached with a CV, also called a Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Did you know that CVs are usually requested by companies that provide job openings. Of course companies need your CV, to make it easier to evaluate the competencies or abilities of job applicants.

Companies look for candidates who are voluntary and in accordance with vacant positions.

In addition, the CV is also used by job applicants to write down their abilities and competencies in a short document to complete the job application letter.

Through this CV, the profile and outline of your life will be reflected briefly and illustrated in it, including your education history and work experience, which is a reference for the company that will interview you.

In your opinion, what is an attractive CV?

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However, often the application letter is not read carefully and is not even in demand by the HRD because the quality of the CV is less attractive. Then, how do you make interesting curriculum vitae?

Through the following review, let’s look at how to make curriculum vitae interesting to read while captivating the HR department who will see the CV before entering the interview procedure.

Please read this explanation to completion, because at the end of this article we will share examples of interesting curriculum vitae. With this template you don’t need to bother to design it again.

Ways to Make Interesting Curriculum Vitae

Here are 5 interesting ways to create curriculum vitae, try to practice it and prove it yourself!

# 1 Perform Job Research

Before you make a Curriculum Vitae, the first step is of course you have to find detailed information about the company and the type of work that you are applying for.

An interesting curriculum vitae is the RELEVAN curriculum vitae.

Of course this type of work is in accordance with your area of ​​interest. You can search via online or ask information to your friends and acquaintances.

Record all information regarding all applicant requirements such as job qualifications, skills or expertise, age and not infrequently the company is looking for workers who already have experience working for a specific time span.

In addition, you also need to find out all information about the vision, mission and values ​​and work ethic that is implemented in the company. Through these various information, you can filter, which company will you go to to send the following application letter with your CV.

# 2 Know the CV Content in General

Maybe this part of the majority of people already know it, but for fresh graduates, this information will be very helpful because it can give a big picture of your curriculum vitae that you will include in it.

Be careful in arranging in order so as not to confuse your CV readers, especially HRD, who will assess your quality first through the CV.

In general, the content in a CV includes the following:

Personal Identity – full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
Recent education, majors and GPA.
Personality – a quick overview of your character.
The skills you have.
Projects and Work Experience – things that you have accomplished in previous work or awards that you have received.
Latest Training / Training – training that has been followed for the last 2-3 years.
Other Information about Yourself – hobbies, references or other things about yourself related to the job you are applying for.

# 3 Start Making a CV

How to make an interesting curriculum vitae is the relevance of the content and design that is interesting. Make a design that is easy to read, minimalist and a neat layout.

You can find various examples of CV designs or formats in the search column with the keyword “CV Design”. You are advised to choose a simple design with


# 4 Reread and Fix Errors in CV

The next step is you need to reread the CV that you have made. This is important to minimize errors and ensure that your CV is neatly arranged.

It is of course very unfortunate if you are already struggling to find ways to make interesting curriculum vitae. Apparently the error is typo (read: typo)?

Re-check grammar and spelling that are wrong and use clear, concise and effective sentences. Try to use standard Indonesian words and sentences. Use the Large Indonesian Online Dictionary or search for standard words from articles on the internet website.

# 5 Analyze your CV

In analyzing the CV that you have made, you can act as if you were an HRD who would read the CV.

In order to be more objective in its assessment, you must set yourself aside and really act as a part of HRD who is recruiting applicants.

The next step, you can ask your friends or friends for help assessing the CV that you have made. Make comparisons of judgments between the judgments you have made and the judgments that your friends made.

After that, you can decide to correct some of the errors found.

Congratulations, you know the secret 5 Ways to Make Interesting Curriculum Vitae. We are sure, there are still brothers, sisters or siblings who are still having trouble making interesting CVs.

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