Coming Late-One of the Biggest Mistake in Job Interview

17/06/2023   09:06:55

If you are going to do job interview, the one thing that should be avoided is coming late to the job interview. Why is it So?

There is no way that is rather easier to successfully lose some good points from the prospective employer. The first impression is very important. Unfortunately, the message comes off kind of late “I am not reliable” or “you all the time are not so important for me.” Is this what you want from the interviewer and the prospective employer thinks about you before you even have time to utter any words? Make sure you have exactly known the location, so that you can come on time or come earlier in the interview. Heavy rain, flooding, traffic jams or other matters will not be so destructive effect if you tell frankly. If you happens to have the truck crashed and shed 10 tons of tomatoes in the middle of the road, then once you arrive at the location, ask to apologize, give a brief description, and proceed directly (ideally you can phone from mobile phone if it really happens).

But if you present a much more early, then you do not have to enter without permission to the interview room. This is also less than satisfactory, even though the interviewer looks are nothing to joke and fun. Show that you truly appreciate the time the interviewer, and only go when called or has been permitted.

Thus, Make sure that you come on time on the job interview otherwise you will loose your chance. Good luck and share this to your friends who need the same information.

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