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Every job seeker knows that making a good cover letter is not that simple. He or she needs the knowledge to make it. He or she needs an effective guideline to make it. Thus, this article tries to show you the good sample of cover letter for a certain job.Here is the Sample Administrative Services Manager Cover Letter that might be very important for the job-seeker when he/she wants to make an application letter.He/she might use this sample of cover letter as the guideline to make a good and selling cover letter. This sample of cover letter has been proved to be very effective to make the job-seeker’s dream come true in getting the job he/she wants. In this ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES MANAGER cover letter opening, the candidate creates immediate interest by saying something outrageous: That if he is hired, she will be invisible. Then the candidate explains how this is a good characteristic for an Administrative Services Manager to have. An attention grabbing tactic, to say the least, and one to consider for heavily applied for positions.

Sharpie Infer
883 Hometown Blvd.
Azusa, NM 8 October 5th, 2022

Homer Steno, Office Mgr.
Business Builders Inc.
5754 Oakland Dr.
Yreka, CA 88833


Mr. Steno:

I am applying for the open position of Administrative Services Manager with the promise, that if hired you should hardly ever see or speak to me again unless you want to. Let me explain that.

It is my belief that if an Administrative Services Manager is constantly interacting with the professional staff, then that administrative Services Manager is not doing their job correctly. In my opinion, it is my job to supply all the tools that the professional staff require, without needing constant supervision or comment.

I have worked in Administrative Services for the last eight years, beginning as an entry-level hire and progressing to administrative services manager for the last three. During this career, I have learned to execute the duties of the position with the sort of efficiency and consistency that allows the professional staff to do their work without noticing me.

I have accomplished this task through the simple habit of paying attention to the issues and areas that have historically created problems, then proactively working to prevent those problems in the future.

For example, at my current employer my records showed that up to up to 20 hours of month was wasted because our professional staff were waiting at the printers for their documents ten to fifteen minutes at a time while long, multi-page reports were printed in the queue. On my own initiative, I researched printing solutions and bought a total of three new dedicated laser printers for our professionals who typically produced the longer reports. With that $750 investment, waiting time around the printers was reduced by 65% and productivity increased, all without any of the professional staff even aware of these efforts.

If this is the kind of initiative and proactivity that you want for your Administrative Services Manager to display, I can be reached at (555) 555-1988 to interview at your convenience. I look forward to speaking to you.

Thank you,

Sharpie Niffer

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