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Everyone knows that making a good cover letter is not that simple. He or she needs the knowledge to make it. He or she needs an effective guideline to make it. Thus, this article tries to show you the good sample of cover letter for a certain job.Here is the Sample Administrative Assistant Cover Letterthat might be very important for the job-seeker when he/she wants to make an application letter.He/she might use this sample of cover letter as the guideline to make a good and selling cover letter. This sample of cover letter has been proved to be very effective to make the job-seeker’s dream come true in getting the job he/she wants. The job applicant in this administrative assistant cover letter mentions her previous experience as an assistant to the owner of a flower shop. Experience counts. Mention it if you have it. And be sure to list some of your expertise. For example, can you plan an employee party or set up an event for customers? Administrative assistant cover letters will grab the attention of a hiring manager if the writer knows what the job entails and is ready to step up to the task and bring something unique to it, as well.

Rosemary Hickox
23 Barber Drive
Creekside, USA 34342
Ms. Caroline Ready, Owner
Heart and Hearth Gift Shop
243 Walker Drive
Creekside, USA 34342

Dear Ms. Ready:

For three years I was an administrative assistant to the owner of a flower shop. I took care of many of the daily tasks such as processing orders, answering e-mail, interacting with our large customer base. I’m good at what I do and I can also offer some unique qualities, as well. For example, I could put together a holiday open house for your customers, plan a thank you dinner for your employees, and help with in-store displays at your two locations. Not all administrative assistants are creative in those ways but I am and I would love to show you what I have accomplished in my previous employment, as I could do the same for you.

I’d be happy to come to your office any weekday morning to talk about the position you posted on and to discuss compensation and working hours. Please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 so we can arrange a date and time that fits your schedule. Thank you for reading and considering my cover letter.


Rosemary Hickox

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