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22/06/2023   09:06:14

Temporary employment agency (employment services, temp agency)
by Scott Boyd
A temporary employment agency (or “temp agency”) offers employment services to jobseekers who are looking for a short term contract (hence “temporary”!). Fairly self explanatory!

But! There are some issues that job seekers should be aware of when dealing with a temp agency.

Firstly, a temporary employment agency is not an easy step to a permanent job – it is very much a short term solution. More often than not, your temp assignment will have you filling a gap in your workplace and you will find yourself obsolete at some point. Perhaps the worker you are replacing has returned? Perhaps the project you were working on has been completed?

Whatever the reason, job seekers should be aware that getting employment through a temporary agency usually will not result in a permanent job.

Think about it. You wouldn’t go to a Marketing employment service and expect to find an IT job now would you?

The next issue with temp employment agencies is that due to the nature of their business, they will have a high turnover of candidates. You thought normal employment services were lax in returning your calls? Don’t be surprised to find the personal contact with the agency to be left….wanting!

(That said there are a lot of quality temporary employment agencies out there who do make a concerted effort to work for the temp!)

Do not be surprised when you find out how much the temporary employment agency charges for “your” service. It can easily be twice what you are getting paid. Yes that’s right, the temp agency gets paid as much as you do for your job!! Sucks doesn’t it? (well, OK, they need to make money or there wouldn’t be a business!)

So now your new employer is soooo impressed with your work they want to offer you a permanent job? Until they realise that the temporary employment agency charges a fairly hefty percentage of your annual salary for “finding” you. And no, you can’t just quit and get the job from the employer without the agency knowing. Most temp agencies have a condition in their contract stating that the employer can’t hire you within a certain amount of time (a month or so).

Temping can be a great way to get work experience, but it does have it’s ups and down – job seekers should deal with temporary employment agencies with their eyes wide open!

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