Free Sample Bookkeeper Job Interview Questions and Answer

22/07/2023   08:07:21

This is the Job Interview Questions and Answer for Bookkeeper position that you can use when you’re about to have job interview for Bookkeeper jobs. Make sure that you know the details of the interview due to the fact that the interview questions are sometimes tricky and misleading. Please share this job interview questions and answer if you find it helpful.

The possible Job Interview Questions and answers for Bookkeeper position:

1. Tell us something about your long term goals?
I want to secure a long term position of a bookkeeper in a dynamic organization where I can utilize my ten years experience in the accounting field and special skills in maintaining records, preparing financial statements and calculating errors for the benefit and growth of the enterprise.

2. What is the difference between liability and asset?
Liability and asset are two completely different things but without them it is impossible to successfully run a company. Assets are generally things that add value to the reputation to the company. There can be fixed assets like land, building, and current assets like stock, cash, debtors, inventory and bill receivable. Intangible assets can also be included like goodwill and patients.

3. Out of the other candidates that we have interviewed why should we choose you among the rest?
This is the most common question that is asked almost in every interview. While answering this question you need to think and answer it briefly, try to give a description of your skills and achievements to the employers. Be very positive and try to explain them how your back ground qualification really matches with the bookkeeping job description.

4. How can you help in the growth and progress of the company?
This question you need to answer to the point. Keeping in mind your job description, tell the employer how you can prove to be a benefit for their company.

5. Explain the difference between a profit and loss statement and the balance sheet?
A profit and loss statement is prepared from time to time for a specific period may be a month or a week; it is usually prepared to find out the actual profit and loss of the company. A balance sheet is always prepared at the end of the financial year and it is made to find out the true position of the company’s assets and liabilities.

The samples job interview questions and answers mentioned may not be 100% the same as what you will or have got but at least can be the best guidelines to get the job.

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