Free Sample Junior Accountant Job Interview Questions and Answer

26/07/2023   08:07:42

This is the Job Interview Questions and Answer for Junior Accountant position that you can use when you’re about to have job interview for Junior Accountant jobs. Make sure that you know the details of the interview due to the fact that the interview questions are sometimes tricky and misleading. Please share this job interview questions and answer if you find it helpful.

The possible Job Interview Questions and answers for Junior Accountant position:

1. Tell us about your expertise in handling Management Accounts
This is one of the most common questions, which is asked to the candidates appearing for an interview for the above post. It is asked to know about the nature of job that the candidate has been handling so far, apart from evaluating the level of knowledge that the candidate is holding.

2. Tell us about the various accounting packages, which you have used in recent times and tell me as to which one, you think is the best.
The question is asked to judge your computer literacy as well as your proficiency in the current accounting packages. In case you are faced with such a question, then in that case, make sure that you answer it, giving a description of the advantages and disadvantages of each accounting package.

3. Give an example of a difficult work situation that you have faced and how effectively you have handled it.
The question is asked to judge the ability of a person, to handle complex affairs. You should therefore, make sure that you handle this question, with confidence. Your prior experience would help you in facing such a question.

The samples job interview questions and answers mentioned may not be 100% the same as what you will or have got but at least can be the best guidelines to get the job.

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