Best Sample Request Letter Format,Template and Draft

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If you are looking for the best Sample Request Letter Format,Template and Draft, then you don’t have to go far from the sample provided below. You can use the Sample Request Letter and the one thing you should fully pay attention on it is every element should not be missed.

FOIA & Privacy Act Coordinator & Addresses | Additional Information

This format is for requesting government records through the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts of 1974. Privacy Act requests are not accepted electronically; an original signature is required. Please mail your request to the appropriate Privacy Act Coordinator .

FOIA Coordinator
Idaho Bureau of Land Management
State Office, District or Field Office (mail, fax or email to the Idaho office that maintains desired records.
See address list .)
City, State, Zip Code


FOIA Coordinator:

Under the FOIA, I request a copy of the following document(s) or documents containing the following information:

See Additional Information – Describing Documents You Are Requesting

In order to determine my fee category and the applicability of fees you should know that I am a ___________ requester. (Include a selection from the choices below. If the options do not apply, explain.)

* Commercial use requester – affiliated with a private corporation/business seeking information for company business use.
* News media requester – a representative of the news media affiliated with the _____ newspaper (magazine, television station, etc.). This request is made as part of news gathering and not for commercial use.
* Educational institution/noncommercial scientific institution requester – affiliated with an educational or noncommercial scientific institution. this request is made for a scholarly or scientific purpose and not for commercial use.
* All others requester – a private individual seeking information for personal, noncommercial use.

Include one of the following fee options: (Specific questions must be addressed in fee waiver justifications. Processing will not begin until fee issues are resolved.) See Additional Information – Fee Waivers

* I am willing to pay fees for this request up to a maximum of $___. If you estimate that the fees will exceed this limit, please inform me prior to processing this request; or
* I request a waiver of all fees for this FOIA request and my justification follows.

Electronic Format Option

I request that, if possible, the information I seek be provided in electronic format, and I would like to receive it on a computer disk. See Additional Information – Electronic Format Option

Rush Order/Expedited Option

I ask that my request receive expedited processing because _____. (Include specific details concerning your compelling need. See Additional Information – Rush Order/Expedited Option


City, State, Zip Code
Daytime Telephone Number:

Your contact information is important so we may communicate with you regarding your request.

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