Solicitor and Lawyer JobsSample Job Interview Questions for Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Lawyer Jobs

27/08/2023   09:08:18

Here is a sample of interview questions for a variety of Legal roles. How would you answer?

Interview Question 1: ‘Tell me why did you choose to specialise in this area of the law?’

Interview Question 2: ‘Working within this Banking Paralegal role you will need to have excellent technical knowledge and be up to date with all procedural law and guidelines. So, tell me what is your understanding of the Money Laundering Regulations 2003?’

Interview Question 3: ‘Talk me through a complex legal decision you made, where the data was ambiguous or the information led to two different conclusions.’

Interview Question 4: ‘Tell me about a time when you had to communicate complex information. What was the situation, what approach did you take and what was the result?’

Interview Question 5: ‘Describe a time when you used your skills to persuade a manager or colleague to accept your recommendations.’

Interview Question 6: ‘Talk me through a situation where you had to use your initiative to solve a problem for which there was no set procedures.’

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