Sample Interview Questions For Human Resources (HR), Training and Personnel Jobs

28/08/2023   09:08:02

How would you answer these questions?

Interview Question 1: ‘It is important that you are up to date with all legislation, what do you know about the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006?’

Interview Question 2: ‘What is the reason for grievance procedures and tell us about your experience in handling grievances?’

Interview Question 3: ‘Describe for me a situation where you were required to gather a large amount of data, to analyse it objectively and to make a decision or a recommendation based on the results.’

Interview Question 4: ‘Part of the role will involve setting challenging and measurable goals and targets for the HR team. How would you do this?’

Interview Question 5: ‘As a HR Manager how would you ensure that you represent our company in the most positive light when dealing with the unions and other external bodies?.’

Interview Question 6: ‘As a Head of Human Resources you will be expected to foster a climate of continuous process improvement. How would you achieve this?’

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