Job Interview Tips in the Phone : A Chance to Test the Waters

29/08/2023   09:08:26

One of the ways to recruited an employee is via phone. From the phone, it can be recognized who you are. It can be known from the words you choose, the style of the language, the intonation and stress and all of that can show who you are. The phone interview is the second step in the process for many recruiters. During a phone interview, interviewers can check out whether you are as good as you sound on paper, if you are articulate and if you’d be a good person to have join the firm. Most importantly, a phone interview serves a way to narrow down the pool to finalists and semifinalists. Few people get hired solely on the basis of a phone interview. The phone interview is a way for both the candidate and the interviewer to test the waters. So, relax, be professional, and be yourself! Remember, the best thing about phone interviews is that you don’t have to wear a suit!

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