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How to prepare for your job interview in healthcare

You have obtained your certification and are ready to land your first allied job in healthcare. Or maybe you are already in the field but you want to continue or go up. Getting the job is about happiness, but it is usually the happiness that you create. As the Roman philosopher Seneca so famously said, […]

Tips for Answering 10 Pitfalls Questions during a Job Interview

When I first applied for a job it was certainly a thrilling moment. Often we worry whether our qualifications are appropriate or not. Then the question arises about what will be asked during the interview. Certainly all job applicants hope to pass the interview session easily. Well, if you are interested in knowing interview tips […]

6 Tips for Making Interesting and Effective Curriculum Vitae

Right now, it feels quite easy to apply for a job. If in the past we had to subscribe to newspapers or diligently call the target companies, now there are many job site updates and trusted to become information material. In the past, it seemed when sending a CV and job application must have capital, […]

Ways to Make Interesting Curriculum Vitae

CV Quality Determines HR Interest In finding a job, of course, several things need to be prepared, including a job application letter which of course must be attached with a CV, also called a Curriculum Vitae (CV). Did you know that CVs are usually requested by companies that provide job openings. Of course companies need […]

Tips for Making Resume, CV, Curriculum Vitae

You actually know the difference between a good and bad CV, a broader and non-CV. At the top, write your name with a large font, enter the photo at the top right, cellphone number, e-mail address, home address, and place and date of birth. Next, we enter the contents. The important thing to see is […]

Effective Tips for Finding Work for Fresh Graduates

Congratulations for your first degree! The 4-year struggle in college is now finally making your name look longer than before, because of the title! Welcome also in the real world, namely the world of work. It’s time for you to apply what you have learned for about 4 years on the lecture bench. Finding a […]

Tricks for Success in Seeking Work

If you want to find work in modern times, you must set your job search strategy. One of the main tools that are still the same is networking or networking. However, one of the important new developments is that your network can be safeguarded through social media. In the present, job search is even done […]

Some Things You Need to Know When Looking for a Job

“Finding work is difficult!” Said some people who are still in the stage of looking for new jobs. In fact, not a few people who have worked want to find new jobs for several reasons. Maybe you are one of many people who are currently busy looking for work here and there and no one […]

9 Simple Ways You Can Get Work Fast

Many people find it difficult to find work, even not only high school graduates, Diploma and Bachelor level, sometimes they often complain that it will be difficult to find work, especially those who want to find work according to their passion and desire in certain fields. Of course this is an irony, because it is […]

Job Vacancy Tips: How to get a job quickly

Finding a job can be a process that makes you stressed, stressed and takes a lot of time. We all want to get the best jobs that can satisfy ourselves and give us financial stability. Even though there is no magic way that can guarantee you to get a job, here is a concrete way […]

10 Network errors make you professional

Have you committed any of these network blunders? It seems that every networking event is one with crucial moments. From listening to a self-indulgent sales pitch to a date on a date, sweaty handshakes and annoying name-dropping, it’s no fun getting network errors. The consequences are even worse if you are the perpetrator. A happiness […]

7 professional network tips and tricks for a successful search for a job

Finding a job today requires consistent and effective network use. When looking for a job, you may have heard the following statement: “It is not what you know, it is who you know.” The second part of that statement is especially true. Of course you need a solid set of skills to give a specific […]

5 Search orders to shorten the hunting

Accelerate your search for work. You would find it difficult to find someone who really enjoys looking for work and applying for jobs. The process is not necessarily fun, but you can at least make it as short as possible. Whether you have just started to help you keep the process under control and make […]

5 Reasons for a professional revival Rewriting is worth it

Looking for a professional resume writer is an investment in your career. Your CV should not only reflect the jobs you have had during your career. It should also be the first step in your career. There is a lot to find in new jobs: chances for career growth, an extensive network, an increase in […]

The older employees can compete (and win) in today’s job market

It is said that old is not for the faint of heart … and that is perhaps more true in the workplace than anywhere else. A 2017 AARP staff survey from employees aged 45 showed that “61 percent of respondents said they’ve experienced age discrimination in the workplace.” More than half believe age discrimination starts […]

5 Lessons to Help you Clear your Job Search

After your living space spatially, you take the time in your search for work to clean up. It looks like America is scrapping again after the latest hit from Netflix, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Kondo, an extraordinarily Japanese organizer, travels through the United States and shares her KonMarie method of tidying up those mountain […]

6 ways to rock your first job after graduation

With this career advice you can get the best out of your first entry into the ‘real world’. Congratulations! You have completed four (or more) school years and you have a brand new, newly printed diploma to show. But better than that, you have signed, sealed and delivered a job offer. And it is a […]

Job Search Tips for Recent College Grads

If you are a recent graduate and have not yet received your first entry, do not panic. College graduation often corresponds to a mixed doctrine. On the one hand to the next opening in the ‘real world’. But on the other hand, you know that this great relief is significant. This takes especially when you […]

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